DrayTek V300B

DrayTek V300B

6.800.000 VND

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Thông tin sản phẩm

Business continuity by Multi-WAN connection Load Balancing & Security BroadBand router - 4 Gigabit WAN port: Outbound policy-based Loadbalance, BoD (Bandwidth on Demand), WAN connection Failover. - WAN mode: NAT & Route (Internet & VPN MPLS L3 concurrently) - 2 Gigabit LAN port with 4 VLAN and 4 Subnet. - 2 USB port for 3G/3.5G/4G modem and FTP/Print server - GlobalView Web Content Filter powered by CommTouch - Bandwith management, Limit Session and QoS Function. Dynamic DNS; multi-NAT; DHCP Server, DNS cache&proxy. Internet Access Control/Retriction, Limit Access. - Firewall security with NAT, DoS & DDoS, DMZ, Packet Filtering, Multi Subnets. Secure remote management, SNMP Agent with MIB-II Khả năng chịu tải <= 300 máy

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